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Taiwan Ecstatic Dance

Move It. Dance It. Express It.

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What is

Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is Dancing.

Ecstatic dance is as old as dance. It is the name given to dancing with abandon, letting the music take you, moving freely, leading to a natural feeling of ecstasy. It is a moving global community. It is a dance journey, a meditation,  a way to play, a way to expel stress and attain personal growth and deep serenity. The Taiwan Ecstatic Dance experience is sober, all around Taiwan, 2-3 hours of many genres of music, starting slow, building to a climax, and returning back to a reflective calm. It is offered to all ages, and it is for you.


Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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Arthur Moore


If you never been there, you will think that those people are crazy! for the first time Ecstatic Dance in capturer in that way! those people amazingly allowed themselves to let go without any drugs or alcohol. Welcome to Ecstatic Dance Music by - Mithraya - Martins Garden, Lo.Renzo, Spyfromcairo, Ponder Tikki Masala ► And - Man Of No Ego - Blinkers Removed Instagram: BadAss FX 1: BadAss FX 3 MUSIC: Epidemic Sound (Best Value! Good music very diverse and very cheap) Artlist (Very good music but very specific and not diverse) SoundStripe: (Generally good music but takes a long time to find the good stuff) MusicBed (High-quality music but very expensive) My equipment (Affiliate links) : Main Camera: 2nd Camera: B-roll Camera (best for visuals and outside interviews) Main Lens: Slr Magic Lens Panasonic 42.5 (Amazing for B-Roll) Dji 1.7 15mm Olympus 12mm f/2.0 Microphone: DJI Mavic Pro 2:
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Dancing During Carnaval

“If music be the food of love, play on”

William Shakespeare

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